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I am sure that most of you can remember the first horse you rode. Mine was George when I was aged 8 on holiday in Cornwall. He wasn’t exactly the fastest pony on the block but I LOVED IT and that enjoyment helped me work out, eventually, how to get him to go! Ever since then there has been no stopping me and I have had the riding bug! As soon as I have achieved one goal I have then set myself another. My journey has led me to realize that we need to listen to the horse as much as they have to listen to us.

As time has gone by I have wanted to get more and more involved in the equestrian world. My path has been from a non-horsey family so I began at various riding schools through to horse shares and then on to owning my own horses. Along the way there I have competed at various levels: Grass Roots Riding Club, National and FEI.

Competing regularly keeps my own riding ability, experience and knowledge improving. Every time we compete we can take something from it, even if it is “I won’t do it that way next time”! Every horse and rider have different qualities and abilities and it is important to get the most out of both sides of the partnership.
I want my clients to enjoy their riding. A saying that I am not ashamed of repeating time and time again is “It doesn’t matter whether you are a happy hacker or you want to compete at Badminton, we all must enjoy our riding at whatever level we are at. Let’s face it this sport of ours is very time consuming and it isn’t cheap!”

I believe that a reliable, friendly and professional attitude can inspire and motivate. Groundwork, support and problem solving, lead to improvement whether your goal is to compete or complete! Sometimes an objective could seem daunting however, I believe that small stepping-stones and progressing through enjoyment make that goal possible.

We mustn’t forget that our sport is a partnership between the horse and rider and an essential part of that is to develop our skills to listen to the horse and achieve a secure and happy relationship between us and them. Developing a path of trust will help in whichever discipline you choose to ride in.


British Dressage Judge
BHS INT. Teaching, BHS INT. Stable Management, BHSAI
Equine Specific First Aid Certificate (regularly updated)
Duty of Care and Child Protection
Riding and Road Safety
BHS Progressive Riding Tests 1-12
NPTC Certificate of Competence in Horsekeeping
ABRS Equitation Tests 1-6
ABRS Stable Management 1-6


Riding instructor

“My lessons got me far better marks than I would have got”

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