Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I haven’t ridden since a child, can I get back into it?
A. Of course! It might take a short while to establish those “riding muscles and seat” again but it’s worth it! It’s fun to start again.

Q. Can I do a dressage test?
A. Yes! If you can stop, start and steer, we can work on the rest!

Q. How can I get more involved in dressage and learn more about it?
A. Every dressage competition needs a writer. By offering your help as a writer (no experience required!) you not only assist in a competition but you learn loads both watching and listening to the judge. All of us judges need a great writer!

Q. How can I practice my Cross Country?
A. We are really lucky that we live in an area with numerous Cross Country Courses to hire and they all offer a wide variety of fences that you will find in a competition. Let me know where you are and I can meet you there! Don’t forget however that you can practice a lot in an arena with poles of different widths all set up in a number of different ways. Just ask and I can help.

Q. How do I learn more about Horse Trials?
A. I love Horse Trials! It is a fabulous sport that allows all ages to compete with equal opportunities from grassroots to international. Every event allows everyone to get more involved through helping but just going along to watch will teach you loads. Go on take the plunge ! (That doesn’t mean fall into the water jump !!!)

Q. What do I need to be able to do to compete in Horse Trials?
A . Both you and your horse need to be competent and able to do all three disciplines together. Each of these are designed to test the horses paces (dressage), athleticism and accuracy (show jumping) and stamina and bravery (cross country). If you would like an opinion of what level would suit you and your horse get in touch.

Q. I had a bad experience which has made me lose my confidence. How do I get back into it?
A. A number of my clients have had similar experiences. I have been really pleased to see those riders back enjoying their riding and improving. Don’t worry you can get it back. Confidence goes in seconds and it can easily happen with horses. We can work on banking lots of good experiences together which will counteract the bad one.

Q. How young can children start?
A. In theory children can be put on lead rein as young as you like as long as they are able to sit up! However, I do believe that, in general, a child’s balance, physical strength and attention span is sufficient at four years old. There is, of course, a lot else for them to learn and enjoy – like Stable Management for example.

Q. How often should I vary my schooling programme?
A. Just like us horses get bored! Alternate hacking, riding, lungeing regularly and it will help both horse and rider stay interested. If you need to work on one particular thing (eg show jumping) increase that area of training but don’t forget about the rest, they are all connected for a harmonious partnership between horse and rider.

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