Training horses

  • Bringing on young, green horses and ponies, use someone else’s experience and knowledge
  • Competing horses, to give horse experience and therefore rider more confidence
  • Teaching and training of all Event Disciplines, Dressage, Show-jumping, Cross-country (long and short format)
  • Training of both rider and horse for that first competition
  • Working towards a particular competition, hoping to go up to a higher level

Client training

  • All ages and abilities, from beginners to competition riders
  • Private Tuition, individual to suit your needs
  • Exam training, advice and practice
  • Clipping Guidance, where do you begin!
  • Day to day schooling and training advice, tailored to suit both horse and rider
  • Stable Management Advice, great if its your first horse
  • Clinics and Group Classes to help give experience with other riders and keep costs down
  • Putting you in touch with others, possibly for loan/share
  • Exercising horses, when there are pressures on your time

Also available

• Gift Vouchers
• Bulk Booking Discounts

If you would like to contact me with regard to other requirements please feel free to do so.

Riding instructor

“… she is expert at tailoring the lessons to my individual needs and the qualities of my horse.”

Telephone: 07971 011939 | Email me Covering Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire